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When it comes to obtaining the Kerala chenda melam services, ‘VR events’ is the best choice. We are offering the best chenda melam music services from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. We organize the best and magical chenda melam performances for various stage shows in Coimbatore. We are expertise in offering chenda melam performances for inaugurations, corporate events, banquets, parties, wedding events, product launch, stage show, cultural events, temple functions and much more. Our chenda melam performances will definitely make your stage shows special.

At VR events, our team of chenda melam experts significantly creates the impressive stage shows with our soulful and authentic chenda melam performance. Moreover, we are available 24 hours for assisting our clients. We also offer low cost Kerala chenda melam for stage events in Coimbatore. Our unique Kerala chenda melam music performance is ideal solution for any stage shows and auspicious functions.

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VR Events

VR Events
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